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Of the end of Myrika's fictionpress legacy

Words cannot even begin to describe just how insanely annoyed I am with the people who seem to have taken it upon themselves to plagiarise Myrika's work on www.fictionpress.com - Myrika is one of the authors that I have read the most, she has a gift for writing and some very very well written pieces. And now they've all been taken down from the internet with no possibility for readers to be able to go back and reread these adventures.
She is the author of a story called Reason and Romance Redux - one of the best romance stories I've read in a long, long time. It was one of my favourites on fictionpress, and since she posted it I've read it a total of four times. Four times. It was that good. And now, thanks to some self-obsessed jackasses, I won't have the chance to read that story again. I don't care as much for the follow-ons from it, but that original River Valley story, with Alex and Adrian, was something that I really enjoyed.
I've dealt with plagiarism before - someone took one of my stories and posted it on a site that they didn't know that I also used, claiming that they were me and that I had decided to change the ending, adding four chapters to my original story. They never posted their chapters. People who knew my writing contacted the person in question and told them that they knew they weren't the author of the story. There may be other cases out there of plagiarised versions of my stories, but if there are, I don't know about them.
I feel for Myrika, I really do. I also feel let down because now I'm in a situation where I cannot reread the stories I enjoyed because of a few people who took one (or several hundred) steps too far. However, I am incredibly pissed off that I cannot reread, or catch up with, her stories unless she publishes them.
Thanks a bunch you talentless people who have to steal another's work to feel good about themselves. Thank you very much for destroying the small joys of many.





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